the speed of joy

Each Month, I Answer the Call to Speak from Someplace Deeper in Me,
To Someplace Deeper in You.


a question

Dear Anna,

I am moving soooo fast these days but it feels like I’m barely able to keep up. My list is long and my nerves are short. I’m showing up late to things, squeaking by on deadlines, and dropping balls all over the place. I feel anxious, hyped up, and overwhelmed a lot of the time. And then? When I DO  “slow down,” instead of taking a nap or getting a good night’s sleep, I find myself glued to a screen, watching episode after episode of something that’s too mindless to really challenge me, but too absorbing to turn away from. What am I missing here? Why are things so “off?”

— Lorraine M.

a response from someplace deeper

Dear Lorraine,

So here’s a weird question for you: What if that frenetic speed is actually PERFECT? What if the speed you are moving at right now—that frantic, hyped-up, overwhelmed, making-mistakes-everywhere speed—is actually providing something really important to you that you have no other way of getting?

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Each Month, I Answer the Call to Speak from Someplace Deeper in Me,
To Someplace Deeper in You.


Welcome to the Living the Deeper YES blog

Here I hope you will find a deeper exhale.

It’s a safe place to stop and consider that the challenges that show up on the surface of our lives CAN be doorways inward, to bring us to a more profound way of understanding the beauty and wonder that is within us and all around us, all the time, if only we will dare to really look.

In 2016, I lost a close friend, Marie Pechet. She was a rare breed of cancer patient: the kind who decided to keep finding the beauty, and who, through that purposeful search-and-discovery, outlived her 12-month life expectancy and instead stayed, parenting, partnering, loving, blogging and touching hearts on this planet for nine amazing years.

As she approached her final days, she asked me if I would write her last blog entry, after she was gone. I told her I’d be honored, but what I’d really love to do was to compose twelve entries, one for each of the months after her passing that her extensive community, and I, would be grappling with her loss and the power of the messages she had left behind. She was touched, gave me her blessing to blog in her honor, and I embarked on a year of stopping twelve times to feel, to ponder, and to write from the heart, to a truly lovely and extensive collection of Marie’s fans, family, and followers.

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